"Estate Coffee for 100 Years"


Jorge Zeledon Castro

Founder of Hacienda Jorco

Hacienda Jorco, now known as Rio Jorco S.A. is rich in history and played a key role in the development of the Jorco- Acosta region all based on the proceeds of the sale of his excellent quality coffee.. 

In the early  1900's two families by the name of Challe and Briote had a small farm and beneficio (processing plant) near where the present  Rio Jorco micro-beneficio is currently located.  On finishing his Schooling in Agriculture  at a University in Cuba, a young Jorge Zeledon returned to his native Costa Rica seeking employment. He was hired as the farm manager for the small coffee operation. After working there for two years, the  family offered to don Jorge  the processing plant and farm.. Young Jorge, expressed his dismay at not having the funds to buy the farm.  No problem said the owners, just pay us from the proceeds of the coffee. He agreed and was blessed with very good coffee harvest and prices which allowed him to go from a 20 acre coffee operation to a huge thousands of acres farm that was the largest in the area. He married early to Claudia and they had 6 girls living in the large farmhouse in Jorco and in his San Jose home about 15 miles away. 

.In its eary history the coffee from the farm had to be taken from Jorco to San Jose using Oxen or on horseback. Thought the distance was only about 15 miles it was a long trip up winding muddy roads. It required oxen to be changed 2 or three times and a one day trip was considered fast. 

The dedication and passion for fine coffee is carried today by Luis and Jim Alfaro, grandkids of the founder and sons of his daughter Cavita.

The Original gate to what is now Rio Jorco

Don Jorge Zeledon Castro and his wife Claudia, our founders

Jorge and his wife Claudia, parents of 6 daughters who grew up in what is now Rio Jorco.

The six "Zeledon" girls in 1938. Geogina,Flor,Chila,Hortensia,Cristina, and Claudia. It was for his "girls" that don

Jorge dedicated his life and his passion for his coffee plantations.

Don Jorge, a man of Passion, dedication and a vision for the future. The bloodlines that run through Rio Jorco.