"Estate Coffee for 100 Years"


The proud tradition of quality estate coffee runs in the blood of Luis and Jim Alfaro. Both of us believe in continuing the proud cultural love affair with coffee started so long ago by our grandfather ( known to his family  as "Uto") . "Quality with passion" describes our attention to detail, in our processes, our beneficio (processing plant) and our care and selection of our coffee . The conservation of 300 hundred acres of native forest (Part of Rio Jorco)  is also an example of our "Passion" with nature and the environment. 

This year we have started planting a new section of the farm called" THE COFFEE GARDEN" where we will have the latest varities  of coffee and the visitors will be able to see them grow and produce. We have increasing the number of "siphones" ( receiving tanks )so we can better select our coffee into separate micro lots based on location and time of harvest.  We have doubled the size our sun drying yards. Our goal is to be the Best Coffee in Costa Rica.  See our section on Quality for more information on coffee cupping and Quality. This year we have doubled our drying capacity to be able to process more high altitude (over 1700 meters) fine microlots.

Our Logo:
On the right hand top of this website you will see our logo. The logo using the two coffee
branches symbolizes our commitment to coffee.  The sun  (mother nature) is needed for all things to grow.The two trees represent our dedication to preserving the hundreds of acres of rain forest on our farm. The water is the river that runs through the farm, from which the name Rio Jorco originated. On the bottom is our motto "Looking for Solutions" ("Buscando Soluciones" in Spanish). We focus on solving the issue at hand not on just talking about having a problem.

Jim Alfaro, Ramon Castro  at a cupping session.