"Estate Coffee for 100 Years"


Coffee Picking On Rio Jorco Estate 1947

Our Coffee Museum, the Alfaro-Zeledon (A-Z) coffee museum, reinforces our commitment to preserve the history of this region that was founded by the pioneering efforts of Jorge Zeledon Castro, our grandfather. At our museum you can see antique coffee processing machines as well view the coffee that grows within sight of the museum.

The Alfaro-Zeledon Coffee Museum

Vuelta  de Jorco

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Front View Coffee Museum

The inside of the A-Z Coffee Museum. Antique coffee sorting machines and two types of Oxcarts. The one on the left hauled coffee from Jorco to San Jose.

Looking out from the museum at our coffee and at the mountains.

Front View of the A-Z Coffee Museum                                                   Side Entrance to the A-Z Coffee Museum

Front Door to A-Z Coffee Museun, depicting coffee plant and picking basket.

Back side of door depicting Oxcart hauling coffee to market (left)    and workers  drying coffee (left).

Front door Panel - Coffee Plant and Picking Basket                     Back door panel oxcart taking coffee to market

Typical Antique Oxcart which was used for hauling coffee           Spoke Wheel Antique Oxcart almost 100 years old

Coffee cupping laboratory inside the museum, courtesy Bendig Engineering. We can roast, peel and grind our own samples.

Dedication pictures,

The coffee museum is Dedicated to Jorge Zeledon Castro, his wife Claudia and his oldest daughter Cavita and all the Farm workers who made "Hacienda Jorco" possible


The Man who started it all at 18 years old, Jorge Zeledon Castro


The frog lives in the protected forest right next to the Museum.  The view out the right side of the museum, drying yards.

View of the mountains behind Hacienda Rio Jorco,                Stairs at Rio Jorco Coffee Mill

this is one of the front windows of the Coffee Museum.