"Estate Coffee for 100 Years"



Coffee Picker Los Lobos section of Rio Jorco            Natural Coffee, Los Lobos Quality

 Canadian video Crew visited Rio Jorco, Los Lobos section preparing a video for Canadian Television
on Coffee growing and microlots production in Costa Rica.

Luis Fallas, explaining coffee growing and planting at Rio Jorco Farm, in the award winning Los Lobos section
of the farm. Luis has worked his entire life on this farm.

March 21, 2013 Update.

The Korean delegation came to visit Rio Jorco and cupped samples of our fine coffee.

March 7, 2013 update.

January 18th, 2013 update, Visitors from Various coffee purchasing companies came to visit. Many microlots are in the drying yards and the warehouse are ready for first cuppings next week. The last of the Los Lobos coffee is ready to be picked and dried and then the proof of the pudding, the cuppings begin.


January 16, 2013 Update
Natural Coffee from Los Lobos, drying on the African beds, and James Alfaro talking to producers as they turn in coffee to Rio Jorco Processing plants. Rio Jorco processing plant and staff can do special request such as Natural Coffee

Diego, Overseeing the "Natural" Los Lobos coffee         

Microlots inside the Rio Jorco Processing plant, and the Special Los Lobos Rio Jorco award winning coffee

Rio Jorco warehouse full of microlots.                                 

Piero, Jorge and Carlos Monge Garbanzo in both photos, Las Palomas.

 Fernanco, Piero, Jimena and Karolina (El Roble)

 Rio Jorco Update,, peak coffee season is upon us at Rio Jorco Processing plant, Piero Cristiane from Cafe Imports visits the farm of the Hernandez brothers in San Marcos, also a visit by the Navarro family and a representative to the Chinese embassy in Costa Rica., and don Edger Zuniga, banker,  inspecting  microlots at Rio Jorco drying yards..

Navarro family and representative from China                       Ruddy Azofefia, Rio Jorco, manager and Edger Zuniga,banker

Luis Fallas looking at los Lobos coffee                                       Fully ripe Los Lobos coffee Rio Jorco

Sun Drying Micro Lots at Rio Jorco                                        Microlots in Rio Jorco Processing plant

December Visits and receiving of Micro lots from award winning farmers.

Coffee picking                                                  Receiving Coffee at Rio Jorco Processing Plant

Murray Ross Visit Paragon Coffee Trading.

Coffee Museum door at Rio Jorco                                               

Shawn Hamilton from Java City                               Murray R. Ross  from Paragon Coffee Trading Co. NY.

Visit of coffee buyers from Germany

Visit of DRWakefil London, England, below

DRWakefil, London, l-r Sebastian Lafaye, (STC coffee), Ruddy A., Priscill Daniel and Santiago Barahona

a visit from Wataru, Japan.

A visit from Marubeni  March 7,2011.

Here are some pictures and updates of happenings around the  Rio Jorco Coffee Estate

January 14, 2011

GOOD FOOD AWARD WINNER Rio Jorco "Los Lobos Coffee"

Ryan Knapp, Madcap Coffee and Luis Alfaro Rio Jorco Plantation Costa Rica holding the Good food awards for Coffee. in San Francisco.

.November 2010


After a 16 member panel of the top coffee judges across the states tasted 160 coffees submitted by some of the finest coffee roasters, 22 coffees were left deemed as Good Food Awards Finalists. Out of those 22 (and 1 out of 5 in the 12 state Central Region) is MadCap Coffee’s very own Los Lobos, from the Rio Jorco Estate in Costa Rica. We our very honored to be a part of a short list of amazing roasters submitting phenomenal coffees all across the states. The event is put on by Seedling Projects in San Francisco, most well known for Slow Food Nation. Finalist honors were awarded to the top 5 producers in each of the 5 regions, provided the coffee scored above a threshold judging score and the producer could prove the product was produced under the Good Foods Authenticity and Responsible Production Criteria. On January 14, 2011 the top 3 coffees from each region will be announced as winners. 

Our thanks to our good customer MADCAP Coffee for all their support.

Shipment ready for customer Farchello Coffee.

We are enjoying the visits of the many coffee buyers interested in buying Excellent coffee and establishing relationships with Rio Jorco and our " partner producers".

Fratello Coffee Roasters                         The Prefontaine Brothers                                      On right Bjornar Hafslund of KAFFA

Firehouse Cafe team came and held a medical clinic in Velta de Jorco, they saw over 100 people over four days. Thanks!

Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee, Tim O'brian, Bridget Amor  - Great team from Australia

Our greeters for the visit of Toby Smith, CEO of Toby's Estate from Australia, Welcome to Costa Rica.

December 2009


Our visit to Firehouse Coffee Company in Bullhead City, Arizona, who will be visiting Rio Jorco in January

We had a meeting with our "partner producers" to continue to build our understanding of Coffee Quality and the importance of

Fully ripe coffee.


"Partner Producers" listen to presentation on Quality of coffee and "coffee cupping"  Presentation by Exclusive Coffee

Wayner Jimenez

Graduation Day at cupping seminar

August 2009



26 First graders from the Jorco grammar school came for a tour of the coffee processing and the coffee museum. one of the aims of the Coffee museum is to preserve the history of the area, especially that related to coffee.

Peace Corps volunteers visited Rio Jorco Processing plant, museum and coffee farm, an excellent group of young adults.

May 2009

Coffee Producers from the San Marcos area including the produces of the first place winning coffee from the Cup of Excellence and representatives from Wataru Coffee from Japan and Exclusive Coffee. The event was hosted by Luis Alfaro of Rio Jorco (front row kneeling with hand on ground).

Angi, Paola and Gaby dressed in typical outfits. The oxcart is an antique cart that was used to transport coffee from Vuelta de Jorco to San Jose in the early 1900's.

March 2009

Alex Mason - ROYAL COFFEE , Angi and Paola                  Dietrich Eppe - SUCAFE,            Enid Esquivel and Karol Salas SUCAFE S.A.

A cupping held at the A-Z Coffee Museum .