"Estate Coffee for 100 Years"


So many things are necessary before you enjoy you fine cup of coffee, the purpose of this section is to briefly talk about these parts. Land, Location, Planting, Care, Picking, Processing, Storage, Roasting

 Coffee Quality starts with the land, the location of the land including altitude,the care of the land,  the plants , the picking, the processing of the "cherry" including the pulping and the drying, the selection of the coffee once dried and the peeling. Each part  requires knowledge, skill and the Passion to produce an outstanding Estate coffee. This is the part that Rio Jorco does, but then the roasting and grinding are also critical items in preparing the cup of coffee to enjoyed by the final consumer. Each of these items will be discussed in detail as this section of our webpage . 

First processed coffee for Rio Jorco Plantation, Coffee gets careful care at all stages.

Biego and the first processed coffee                                        Careful care of the new coffee in the warehouse

First Coffee of the 2012-2013 season all carefully hand picked. Ruddy the farm manager, Diego the processing manager.

The final result of careful growing, processing and sorting is this fine coffee, the process of how quality is determined is explained