"Estate Coffee for 100 Years"

Some customers have expressed an interest in seeing what is happening with the coffee plants during the growing and picking season. This page will have current pictures of the farm and the state of the coffee.  In the  future we plan a webcam  so you can watch the processing of the coffee in real time.  As of today April 2014 the coffee picking season is done  and the coffee is being prepared for shipment to the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and many other places throughout the world.   The crop is looking excellent and the cupping scores very good,  ..

 Farm visit to the Estate of Partner Producer Luis Fernando Monge and his family.  Luis Fernando and his family work together to produce excellent coffee at 6200 feet altitude.  Working closely with his wife Maria Emilia and his son Luis and daughters Paola and Karolina they are an excellent example of a Coffee family small producer. Here are their pictures. Their coffee processed by Rio Jorco coffees  took Third place in the 2012 coffee  Cup of Excellence competition.   


Don Eduardo Navarro, three generations of fine coffee, at Rio Jorco processing plant.

Coffee in Los Lobos section of Rio Jorco, almost ready to pick

Honey coffee being sun dried.

Coffee seedlings at Rio Jorco, they will be planted in 9 months.

This coffee plant is only a year old and it already has fruit. July 2012, Los Lobos section.


This years crop, 2013-2014 is outstanding, both the plants and the crop is well prepared for another fine coffee.

Luis and Anita Alfaro                                                            Ruddy Azofiefa

In preparation for the future, here is a picture of Planting in the Los Lobos section of Rio Jorco, this excellent coffee is being planted bare root since the rainy season has started. This picture was taken  May 24, 2013, a total of 3000 plants planted today, many more to follow.

Coffee blooms March 2013

Luis Fernando Monge     Karolina                                                                                 Karolina, Paola and Maria Emilia Monge

 November 2011, as you may have read there have been heavy rains in the coffee regions of Costa Rica, but in spite of all the hard work we expect a good crop and high quality. We established a new relationship with Mad Cap Coffee Roasters,Trobolca,  as well as Firehouse Roastery, and Wataru, several other customers interested in direct relationships with Rio Jorco and our partner producers..

Honey coffee samples                                                                         


Luis Alfaro, farm owner, sitting on bags of the famous "Los Lobos" coffee..

Hand picking our premium Coffee helps to provide employment and the best coffee possible.

SCAA  Coffee conference Anahine


Below are some of our "Partner Producers" whose families help maintain and pick their Estate Coffee


Partner Producers, Lucia,Anna y Carlos,and                                 Luis and 'Emilia Monge  



Luis and Karolina ,Proud hard working  Family members  of one of our "partner producer" Luis Monge         

Coffee in small lots from "Partner Producers" and from the Los Lobos Area of Rio Jorco, January 22, 2010.

We have added 20 raised drying beds to better prepare micro lots. This view is of some of these drying beds.

November 9 - Coffee in "Los Lobos" area - will start to ripen in December/January

November 1- The beginning of the coffee crop for 2009-2010

October 23: The coffee is finally started to ripen, but it has rained for the last three days.

Some of the plants now have ripe coffee.

October 14 Pictures from this morning.The rain has at last normalized and the first coffee picking has started.

First ripe coffee at Rio Jorco, most of the farm is not ready to pick.

The start of coffee season.

Coffee as it looks on Friday October 9, 2009, still many weeks before the coffee is ripe.  Additional pictures to follow.

Look at the Rio Jorco premium Estate Coffee from the Los Lobos section of the farm. Some coffee is just now  starting to be picked. The peak of the season will be in December/ January. Note the slightly smaller size of the coffee beans from the 1600 Meter elevation.